Sunday, June 20, 2010

A very long, but light day.

Not much to report about today. We were ready to leave Munich for 8ish, and would have made that, except we had a bit of a scare – Dad had buried his passport in his luggage, forget where he put it, and was convinced it was lost. We spent about 15 minutes tearing apart the car looking for it before it finally turned up in a little pocket of his lap-top case (along with the parking pass we thought we’d lost in Salzburg and had to pay 15 Euros to replace). Lesson learnt: I think Dad will now staple that passport to his forehead just to be safe.

So, we left Munich around 8.30 and started heading North for Waterloo. It was a really long day of driving, and we didn’t get into town here until about 7pm. The driving was pretty boring, except it seemed like I got to drive through all the rain and to the point where we needed to gas up – it was really whiley of Dad to plan things that way.

Around 1 we had passed Frankfurt and were heading along a smaller high-way looking for a another autobahn when we got caught up in a detour, and that was a good thing! We passed through this little town that we would have skipped over altogether if the highway hadn’t been closed and found a small beirhall that was serving lunch. Dad and I both ordered a small snitzle and it came out covering about half a 14” plate and were both glad we hadn’t ordered the big one!

By 3 were had passed from Germany into Luxemburg. Another detour (this one less convenient) took us into the country side and the wine fields to see rural Luxemburg. Finding the fast highway we headed to the capital city (Luxemburg – original, I know) and got some quick pictures of some fancy looking buildings. What they were, I’m not entirely sure, but given the change, I’d definitely visit again. We then started heading back for the autobahns and drove through suburban Luxemburg. So, in an hour we got to see the agricultural staple, the country side, the capital city and the suburban environs of a country. What did you accomplish today? ;-)

From Luxemburg, it was a quick jaunt into Belgium and onto Waterloo. We got a little lost along the way (and I got to take a tour of both Charleroi airport AND ghetto Belgium trying to get to the city), so I was super glad we had sprung for the GPS system in the car. After booting up Annoying Helga (as we’ve named her) it was simple enough to find our hotel. This weekend is big business for the region, so Dad is expecting to be nickled and dimed everywhere and he’s probably right. Because we got into town so late, it was 8 before we were able to find a place for dinner – and Dad chose Pizza Hut. Service was crap, but I FINALLY got to use my French, so it wasn’t that bad. It was then back to the room for a quick shower, some FIFA (there’s nothing else on and internet connection isn’t free) and then early to bed. Up at 7 tomorrow, out of the hotel by 7.30, and to the battle field by 8.30. Can’t wait!

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